Bring your event to the web and extend your audience worldwide.  Engage with your audience during and after the event.  Add a Pay per view or free option for those who can’t attend in person.  We can edit your livestream after the event for use later as marketing collateral or for sale.  We make it easy!  We can give you all the tools you need, including making you a  website or integrating content into your existing site.   We can handle the website for the Live stream and the registration and sales to make it a seamless and easy experience for you and your audience.   Your customers can watch your event on computer, tablet or other mobile devices.  Your audience can even interact with you in real time if you like.  This is great for sporting events, conferences, keynote speeches, AGM’s, sales meetings, multi-site corporate events, holiday celebrations, training sessions, etc.  


  • Stream Sports to keep Alumni engaged in the school community.
  • Have a product demo or sales meeting?  Why not stream it to customers that can’t make the trip to you.
  • Have an amazing festival or event in your town you want to share with the world?  Consider a live stream to give potential visitors a taste of what they are missing.
  • Municipal, School, or Corporate Board meeting you want to open to the broader public? With a Big Silver live stream reach everyone with an internet connection on whatever device they have.  
  • Broadcast Social Streams to encourage audience interaction before during and after the event. 

Bring us your creative ideas and we’ll make it happen.  We love a challenge!  


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