Safety First

Command Trailer- Surveillance, Video Conference, Phones.

Safety first!  During your event it is critical to have a central location where information always flows.  With Big Silver’s Command trailer we can bring you all the connectivity features you would expect in a modern office right to your site.  Keep a birds eye view of the site with our surveillance services, watch traffic patterns, spot trouble, and head off issues as they are developing before they affect your guests.  Communication is key!  Organizing volunteers, calling suppliers, communications with your team... the Big Silver Command trailer provides a full featured telephone system, with audio and video conferencing services to keep connected.  

Other safety features such as live radar and weather tracking, emergency radio broadcast and simply a large visible point of reference help provide a touchstone to keep situations from developing into emergencies.  


  • Disaster response/Emergency preparedness.
  • Remote medical services.
  • Remote government services.
  • Large scale events like parades and festivals.


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