Mobile Internet

Mobile internet services for events- Cellular,  Satellite or Both!

Is your event or jobsite in a remote area?  No wifi or cell service? No problem!  Whether for remote monitoring, a single connection for safety or connectivity for a full team we can bring you an internet connection anywhere where we can see the sky that will meet your needs.  

This is the perfect service for Remote, temporary or mobile job sites, events, and activities, that require real-time connectivity.

Monitoring equipment, environmental conditions, people, animals, or traffic? This solution can get you the connection you need where you need it.  For an hour, day a month or a year.  Stay connected, stay in touch and productive.  


  • Perfect for broadcasting real time race data or first person video back to fans and officials.
  • Monitor environmental conditions across large multi venue sites and get alerts when unsafe or undesirable conditions develop so you can take action.  
  • Monitor gates or sites to detect motion or monitor equipment to ensure safe operation.
  • Operate your point of sale terminals at a remote or temporary location.
  • Provide real-time updates to your audience.  
  • Visually verify the condition or a remote location or piece of equipment using mobile surveillance options for safely, security, and productivity.  Why send a person when you can just log on and look?

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